It was on a hot Saturday afternoon. I was sitting in Maastricht in the Netherlands, minutes before my drive back home, when I decided to check the filed flightplans for Liège airport in Belgium, as it is always worth it to make a little stop over there and have a drive around the field.
Absolutely not much was going on according to the plan, except for one very nice callsign; "4W4425"... An MD-11 Freighter of Western Global Airlines!
At the moment of closing my car´s door the aircraft was just somewhere near Munich, so still enough time to look for a good spot as I did not have a ladder with me. 

When I finally arrived at the airport and turned on the scanner I could already hear "MOLDCARGO 8802" calling Liège approach, inbound for a runway 22 ILS approach, currently at FL100.
I got out of the car and walked up the hill to my spot. When I arrived,  "MOLDCARGO 8802" got cleared to land in the meanwhile. One minute later I could already hear the characteristic howling of the four PW4000 engines.
While I was scrolling through my photos of this ex Centurion Cargo beauty, "Four-whiskey-four-four-two-five" could already be heard on the radio while being guided to intercept the localizer. I corrected the last settings on my camera, when the good old threeholer finally showed up behind the trees.
Despite the really hot air that day and the bad light during that time of the day, I am really satisfied with the results, as there is absolutely no heat haze visible.

A little while later, I put my things back into my car, turned on the air conditioning and had a relax drive back home after spending one hour at this nice regional airport, with some good stuff on the SD.
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