Buzz Aldrin, also known as Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr, was after his colleague and friend Neil Armstrong the second human to walk on the moon back in 1969.

In July 2019, Aldrin visited Luxembourg for independence day, to speak and give some interviews of his life experiences. He arrived in style with a total of three C-40A respectively C-40C aircraft. Two of these jets stayed for a few days in Luxembourg, parked next to each other.

A little after all three aircraft arrived, I was departing Luxembourg airport for a cross country flight, so I took the chance to photograph them from the air.

Both C-40s seen parked right next to each other while I was departing runway 24 for a cross country flight.

The painted structure on the ground gives a nice background for both jets as seen from a bird's perspective.

As I was working on nightshift, I took the apportunity to photograph them both in the very early morning.

Epic light creates an amazing morning flair on the apron.

Side view on the clipper; note the locks on the front entrance door.

Amazing morning light.

Also backlight can be nice! The rising morning sun in the background.

A day later, I decided to shoot them both from a bit of distance, as they were still there.
You don't see two C-40s parked next to each other everyday, so this was some very interesting traffic for the airport and gave me the chance to get a very close glimpse of these rare aircraft. A legend visiting Luxembourg!
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