As my whole life turned around aviation already when I was very young, I also started very early with aviation photography, only to have my highlights that I saw at the airport saved on my camera. However back then, I did not really care about the quality and I was not interested in general photography at all.

All this changed in 2011, when I got my first DSLR camera. A small Nikon D5000 with a basic Nikon wideangle and a Tamron zoom lens. This thing was the perfect gear to start with, to get the basics and to learn to do the right actions with changing environmental conditions.

One and a half year later, I then decided to switch over to Canon, as I liked their lenses more than those from Nikon and they also have had slightly lower prices. I then decided to buy a Canon EOS 7D with some high quality lenses, which I do not want to explain in detail here now. 

Being equipped with my new camera gear, I gathered experience over some time and then decided to upload my first pictures to some very well known aviation sites. Most of them were rejected due to whatever reasons - unlevel, bad exposure, too dark, not sharp enough, not in focus and so on. Disappointing, but it gave me the motivation to keep on going and to improve my skills and knowledge. Over the following months, I could conclude that more and more photos were accepted on different pages, which gave me some good feedback that my skills are getting better and my knowledge went into the right direction.

In the same year, I was asked by a good friend of mine if I would like to join their aviation page named "Skywatch aviation photography". This was very encouraging and I accepted to become the fifth member of their team. Skywatch grew very fast, reaching up to 17'000 followers on the facebook page from around the world. We then created our own website to grow further and to have a reliable database and to create a photographic archieve. In the same time, we also got more members from around the globe - Australia, the united states, Russia and so on. 

However, this growth became really huge and after some time I began to realize that it was still only a hobby. Everybody had to post photos on the webpage and facebook within an hourly interval and I felt like a little pressure coming up. Some members were uploading tons of material, others did not very much at all - including me. At this point I started to give up with it, as I also had my professional life kicking off that time and had not that much time for spotting and uploading photos anymore. 

During my Skywatch time however, I also started another chapter in photography, when I became a screener on one of those famous aircraft photo pages, where I used to fail to get photos accepted only 3 years before! As a screener, you check uploaded photos and judge them if they were good enough to join the database or not. This also was a very nice experience I do not want to miss, however, I stopped with screening one and a half year later again.

Having ended with screening and being a member of Skywatch, I also stopped sending in my photos to all those pages, as I did not really get the point why anybody else should judge about my pictures if they were good enough to be accepted or not, as most of my photos were artistic and as everybody knows - art is a matter of taste! From that point on I then kept my photos for myself, without having pressure to post them or change them in a way I did not want to.

Nevertheless, the fun and challenge of having and maintaining a site was something I really missed and some years later, I thought again about to create my own page. This was in late 2017 and I started to plan to launch a site some months later with only one member, about creative aviation photography aswell as normal aircraft photography. A site where I can post my aviation experiences I get to see from time to time whenever I fly around or whenever I get the occasion to stand near an airfield or get the apportunity to get to see some special aircraft.

In July 2018 I made the idea real. This was the moment when aeroartistry was born and I started to design and write the page and put my ideas and effort in every photo, literature and layout that you can find here.

I put hundreds of hours in aeroartistry's creation and tried my very best that this page will be something very special for those visiting it and for those who love aviation and aicraft just as much as I do.

I want to thank my colleagues from Skywatch and again for making all the past possible and giving me the opportunity to experience these unique times.

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