Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Tristan Sulzberger, I am 26 years old, being resident in nothern Luxembourg, central Europe.

As you can already imagine, aviation is my biggest passion. It is something that I really love and has always been present in any part of my life - Basically since I can think. 

The passion to me most likely came from my Dad, who was active in the German air force back in the days when the Lockheed F-104 Starfighters were still active in the late sixties.  He took me to different airports at a young age, and my fascination grew more and more from that time on.

Due to my fascination and dedication, I already knew at a young age what profession I want to focus on during my schooltime and it was clear to me that I want to establish on a job that does not feel like work for myself later on, basically a job that would be a vocation to me. The career path I focused on from that period was the job as an engineer in aircraft maintenance.

After finishing my elementary school and some years in a technical lyceum here in Luxembourg, I started my first apprenticeship as an industrial and maintenance mechanic, which took me 3 years to establish.

Eventually, after putting all my efforts into that apprenticeship and in my preparations to become an aircraft maintenance engineer, I managed to get a contract with a Luxembourg based airline, flying with 737 and Dash-8-Q400 aircraft, known as Luxair Luxembourg airlines. 

Having started with the apprenticeship, I finished my theoretical courses two years later and began with practical training in line maintenance until today, in order to obtain an aircraft maintenance license.

Beside my love to technics and mechanics, I have also been dreaming about flying aircraft myself one day. This dream came true in June 2018 when I signed up with Luxembourg flight training academy LFTA for flight training at my local airport.

Apart from my job, what I like to do in my leisure is to work on older cars aswell, which is one of my biggest hobbies. Next to that, I do also fly model aircraft and love to travel around. And of course, last but not least; I do aircraft spotting and aviation photography. 

As you may know me a bit better now, you can imagine that all this dedication finally lead to this page, and I put tons of efforts into it everyday, to share my aviation experience and adventures with you here.

Therfore, I hope you like it and that you have a very pleasant stay on this page,

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